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The Naturalist on the River Amazons
H.W. Bates
ISBN-13 978-1-904690-02-3

Price: CD-ROM: £18.00 + VAT/postage
           Download: £10.80 VAT-free

A classic account of the Amazon by one of the great Victorian biologists.
Pisces Conservation are delighted to release "The Naturalist on the River Amazons" on CD, for Windows PCs and Macs, with fully searchable text and hyperlinks for ease of navigation.

H.W. Bates was one of the most influential biologists of the 19th century, and was noted for the accuracy and vitality of his accounts of Amazonian life. He was an important evolutionary biologist, and was a contemporary and friend of Darwin, Wallace and Spruce. The book is a fascinating account of Bates' years spent exploring the Amazon basin, filled with observations of the flora and fauna, climate, history and geography, and the human inhabitants of the region.

Bates spent a number of years living in the region of Tefe (known at the time as Ega), and the region is still recognisable today from his descriptions. The present CD includes modern colour photographs of habitats and places described by Bates.

The quality of reproduction of illustrations and text is excellent. The book is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, allowing high-quality printing of the text and plates.

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