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Seashore Ecology Lectures
James Merryweather
ISBN-13 978-1-904690-11-5

Price: £110.00 + VAT/postage
This CD contains nine Powerpoint presentations, with over 480 original photographs, showing the plants and animals of the seashore, and the techniques required to study and understand their ecology. Powerpoint viewer software is included on the CD, so the lectures can be viewed on any PC.
Follow the links to view details on individual lectures.
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Lecture 1
Shore exposure and physical factors

Lecture 2
Rocky shore zonation

Lecture 3
Biodiversity & zonation of
rocky shore plants

Lecture 4
Biodiversity of animals on
the rocky shore

Lecture 5
Biodiversity of animals on
sedimentary shores

Lecture 6
Ecology of the strandline

Lecture 7
Methods 1: Setting the transect,
describing the shore profile

Lecture 8
Methods 2: Physical measurements

Lecture 9
Methods 3: Quantifying the organisms