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The second tab, Evenness, in the left hand pane of the program opens a list of 14 equitability or evenness measures, as described below. See Smith and Wilson's view for a list of the best measures. Equitability or evenness refers to the pattern of distribution of the individuals between the species.


select evenness index


Pielou J (All Samples)

Pielou J (Each Sample)

McIntosh E

Brillouin E


Simpson's E



Smith & Wilson B

Smith & Wilson 1-D

Smith & Wilson -lnD

Shannon maximum

Shannon minimum



The output from all of the evenness estimates is presented in similar fashion. In the first column is the name of the sample and in the second the calculated value for the index. Remember that if you have chosen to subset the data then only the samples selected will be represented in the output. If the Bootstrap function is used then the confidence intervals will be displayed in the third and fourth columns.


The change in diversity between samples can also be shown graphically - just click on the Graph tab in the upper left-hand corner of the output window.


To export or print the data see 'Printing and exporting your results'.


To print the indices, click on the window to activate it. Then click on File: Print or right-click in the window and choose Print from the menu.