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CCA seeks an ordination of the sites (samples) in terms of their biological components which is optimised in terms of the influence of environmental factors.


What is CCA?


Environmental variables

       Selecting Environmental variables

       Linear combinations of environmental variables

       Dummy Environmental variables

       Transforming environmental variables

       Circular environmental variables


Biological variables

The normal situation is for the biological data to comprise a sample (column) by species (row) array. The species data would comprise quantitative counts of the number of individuals in each sample. (See Creating and editing a data set).


Presentation of Results - Your output


CCA produces an ordination of the species and sites. It also produces biplots that show the inferred ranking of the species along an environmental variable. The output from ECOM is divided into a number of different sections of a tabbed notebook. These are described below.



Species Scores

Sample Scores

Ordination Plot

Rank Plot

Correlation of Env. Vars

Binary Environments

Biplot Scores

Canonical Coef